Sending your child to college is a major life event. At the Enclave, we understand! Here are a few things that should help ease your mind, as you help them select their new home.

Individual Leases Benefit

As a guarantor, you are responsible only for the person for whom you agree to be a guarantor. You will not be responsible in the event that a roommate fails to pay their portion of the rent.

Automatic Payments

For your convenience, you can set up rental payments via your bank’s automatic bill payment. This will help to ensure that payments are received in a timely manner and additional fees are avoided.

Fully Furnished

There is no need to shop for furniture! All units are fully furnished and include Verizon Fios, which will enable students to access the internet in order to complete their coursework.

Front Desk Staffing

Our front desk is staffed throughout the day, assisting with maintenance requests, package delivery, and lockouts.